Solar Power

We are joining the global effort in harnessing the problem of one off cost associated with the purchase of solar power. Solar power constitute one of the greatest investments homes and businesses can make. A typical example is the case of generator compared to solar power, millions of Naira can be saved in running cost within a short period of time when switched to solar power. Solar Energy has a life span of approximately 25years, it involves no significant running cost, it is environmentally friendly and super silent.

DTI Solar is here to make life easier for individuals and business owners to part-take in the pay as you go program which allows you to purchase solar system in a more flexible and affordable payment pattern spread over 12-24 months depending on the package.And remove it from on top of all the products.

Quick Details

  • Brand name: DTI Solar/Generic
  • Solar panel: Between 10W-500W
  • Application: Home/Businesses(SME's)
  • Working time: 4-24hours
  • Packaging: Cartons

Main function :

Integrated pay as you go function Built in-charge controller and solar battery LCD display screen Easy to operate Portable and light Easy to install and light More details will be provided when you contact us for more information and during the point of sales. Quick Details Pay as you go program Solar Power Pay as you go provides solar energy to people living off-grid who would otherwise rely on kerosenes, candles and generators for light at home and business. This is a flexible arrangement and it works straight forward, when you need it, its just like you would purchase credit for your mobile phone. You could buy solar energy by the hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Each solar credit purchase allows the customer to enter a unique code into their solar system to activate it for the time they have bought. It allows customers, communities and cities to have a cleaner, safer and more reliable electricity at home/businesses without any financial constraints.